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Why should I place my firearm collection in a Trust?

In a previous article, I explained the basics of a gun trust, and talked about how NFA items should be purchased by and held within the Trust. Additionally, a gun trust may be a good idea for those who own regular (non-NFA) firearms.

As mentioned, a gun trust is nothing more than a revocable trust specifically designed for firearms. What this means is that the trust specifically takes into account State and Federal firearm regulations and incorporates provision into the trust to ensure that your firearms are never seized by the government or imperil anyone’s freedoms due to uncertainties that may arise.

My customized gun trusts are designed to account for the unexpected in terms of transfers. For example, if for some reason one of your heirs were to become ineligible to possess a firearm, without a contingency plan those guns left to her could be seized by the government, as she would not be able to possess, own, or transfer them to your other heirs.

In short, a gun trust is a very valuable tool for someone wanting to pass guns to future generations. The value of almost all gun collections greatly exceeds my gun Basic Gun Trust fee of $250, which will ensure that you are able to pass your enthusiasm for firearms on to the next generation to learn the responsibility and joy of the shooting sports.

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