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Litigation | The Law Offices of Brad ScottLitigation can encompass many areas of the law, but at The Law Offices of Brad Scott litigation is limited to business disputes and personal injury.

When it comes to business disputes it is important to choose an attorney that will get you what your company deserves while keeping an eye on costs, because let’s face it, as a business owner, you can’t spend $10,000 to recover $9,000. The Law Offices of Brad Scott will work within your budget to get you the compensation you deserve for your case. If you are a business owner currently involved in a dispute, contact us so we can help you get what you deserve.

When it comes to personal injury, we are not your typical “settlement mill” law firm. We only accept a handful of serious injury cases each year, because serious injuries require serious representation. Every person injured as a result of someone else’s negligence has the right to recover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. If you have recently been injured, contact us for a free consultation.


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