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Firearms Law and Gun Trusts | The Law Offices of Brad ScottState and federal firearm regulations can be very confusing, and it is common for many lawyers to not understand the intricacies of them. While many consider a Gun Trust essential for NFA firearms, a Gun Trust can be equally beneficial for all firearms and magazines owned by a person. There are a myriad of reasons to place your firearms in a trust.

The Law Offices of Brad Scott offers two different levels of Gun Trusts:

The Basic Gun Trust is designed for the individual who wants the protection of a real NFA Gun Trust but does not want to incur the additional costs of having an attorney create a complicated Trust when it simply is not necessary. The Basic NFA Gun Trust is similar to the “Do It Yourself” versions found online, with the one key difference being that those online forms do not create an attorney-client privilege, as no legal advice is given. By contrast, my Basic NFA Gun Trust is designed and drafted after a conversation with you – meaning that you will receive whatever legal advice you want and there will be a confidential attorney-client relationship. The Basic Gun Trust is a revocable trust and very easy to change at later times to deal with changes in your circumstances. Because of the way it is designed a transfer of the firearms will be required at some point after your death. Price: $300

Shotgun with shells on wooden backgroundThe Professional Gun Trust is our most sophisticated Gun Trust. It is a multi-generational, asset protection gun trust that can remain the owner of your firearms forever. This Gun Trust is designed to allow future generations to manage and use the firearms without subjecting them to future ATF transfer taxes or claims of creditors. Every year a member of Congress introduces another “Assault Weapons” ban in one form or another. Sometimes the Bills gain traction and people, like you, become concerned about being able to allow their children or beneficiaries to have the benefit of the firearms they own. Rightfully so. If an “Assault Weapons” ban is passed almost every pistol and riffle would be reclassified as an “Assault Weapon” and would be subject to forfeiture upon your death. Many people are concerned about future laws that may change the rights of a Gun Trust for future generations. We have a solution called the ArmsGuard™ Protector which allows for changes to the terms of the trust to deal with future legislative changes that may attempt to restrict rights or the way the Professional Gun Trust works. If laws change next week or 300 years from now, the ArmsGuard™ Protector can be appointed and modify the terms to continue to achieve your goals to the extent possible. If you have or expect to have more than $20,000 in firearms, scopes, magazines, and other accessories you should talk to us about how this multi-generational trust may benefit you and your family by eliminating future transfers. Many people use this trust for regular firearms even if they have no intent to purchase NFA firearms. Price: $2,500

The Law Offices of Brad Scott is proud to offer discounts on all Gun Trusts to active and retired military and law enforcement personnel. Contact us to learn more about your options.


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