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Small Claims Court – What is it and do you need a lawyer?

Many times I get a call that goes something like this: I lent $2,000 to a friend, and he is refusing to pay me back. I want to hire you to sue him. Or: A plumber was at my house to fix something and ended up making it worse, and now the new plumber said that it will cost an additional $800 to fix … [Read more...]

Why should I place my firearm collection in a Trust?

In a previous article, I explained the basics of a gun trust, and talked about how NFA items should be purchased by and held within the Trust. Additionally, a gun trust may be a good idea for those who own regular (non-NFA) firearms. As mentioned, a gun trust is nothing more than a revocable trust … [Read more...]

Lessons from Casey Kasem’s Death

Recently Casey Kasem died in a hospital moments after a judge gave Kasem’s daughter permission to authorize the removal of Kasem’s feeding and hydration tubes. For those old enough to remember Casey Kasem’s Top 40 countdown every Sunday, it is also easy to remember Terri Schiavo. For all of us, … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Can’t Turn Lemons into Lemonade – Understanding Louisiana’s Lemon Law

Buying a new car can be exciting. Choosing all your options, waiting for the delivery, and then finally dropping off your old junker that has been giving you problems, and driving off the lot in problem-free new car. But what do you do when you discover that your problem-free new car isn't exactly … [Read more...]

What is an NFA Weapon?

In 1934 the Federal Government enacted a new law - the National Firearms Act (NFA) - aimed at cracking down on the well-dressed gangsters carrying Tommy Guns and running moonshine throughout the country (despite the fact that the law was finally passed after prohibition ended). NFA weapons have to … [Read more...]

Can he sue me? / Can I sue him?

I am often asked the question, “Can he sue me for that?” or “Can I sue him?” and my answer is always the same: Yes. Anyone can sue anyone else for any reason. As long as the plaintiff (the one doing the suing) is willing to sign a Petition (the paper that initiates a lawsuit) and pay the filing fee, … [Read more...]

Where Should You Keep Your Estate Planning Documents?

So, you just spent a nice chunk of change on your comprehensive estate planning documents, and precious time reviewing them with your attorney and the necessary witnesses. Now what do you do with these valuable pieces of paper. You are holding documents that are by their very nature vulnerable to … [Read more...]

Whether to leave an inheritance to your children

Recently, CNN News host Anderson Cooper made news when he announced on the Howard Stern Show that he would not be inheriting his family’s fortune, which consists mostly of his mother’s $200 million net worth (listen to the full interview here - … [Read more...]

Why do I need an attorney to draft my trust?

Trusts are designed to survive you. They are drafted before they are needed. For this very reason, you cannot draft a trust based solely on the “here and now.” Beneficiaries (those you want to leave money to) get married, get divorced, re-marry, have step-children, etc. Some may develop an alcohol … [Read more...]

What is a Gun Trust?

A Gun Trust is a revocable living trust that becomes the legal owner of any firearms purchased by it or transferred to it. As the description implies, it can be revoked at any time and amended for any reason. Gun Trusts have gained popularity over the past several years for purchasers of NFA weapons … [Read more...]

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